October 8  - 12, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

LCHS vs. Twiggs
50 yard Field Goal
Ryan O'Neill

School Record - 50 yd. Field Goal by Ryan O'Neill

"New School Record"

Clinical at Lake Crossing

LCHS Patient Care Fundamentals (CNA class) students had their first day of clinical at Lake Crossing. Pictured are the students proudly wearing their LC scrubs. 



Building candy neurons - Students in Randy Smith's AP Psychology class and Dr. Howie Gunby learned the structural elements of neurons using candy for the different parts of a neuron.  Cupcakes were the cell body, and twizzlers were axons.  Other candies represented dendrites, myelin sheath, nuclei, axon terminals, and neurotransmitters.  After building the neurons (and eating lots of candy), students went into the hall to learn how neurons transmit messages to one another and were timed on various neural communications.  


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