5/15/2023  Pizza, PBJ, Seasoned Corn, Green Beans, Fruit and Milk  

5/16/2023  Turkey Wrap, Chicken Nuggets w Roll, Seasoned Carrots, Black Eyed Peas, Fruit and Milk 

5/17/2023  Hotdog, Corn Dog, Baked Beans, Green peas w corn, Fruit, and milk

5/18/2023 Beef w rice and gravy, Pizza, Seasoned Green Beans, Seasoned Carrots, Fruit and Choice of Milk

5/19/2023 Beef Taco, PBJ, Seasoned Corn, Steamed  Broccoli Fruit, Choice of Milk


5/15/2023 Pop Tarts w Grahams, Mini Bagels, Chilled Fruit and Milk

5/16/2023 Banana muffins w grahams, Cinni Rolls, Fruit and Milk

5/17/2023 Apple Frudel, Chicken Biscuit, Chilled Fruit and Milk

5/18/2023 Mini Waffles, Blueberry Bar, Chilled Fruit and Choice of Milk

5/19/2023 Apple Cinn Texas Toast, Uncrustable (SEC) Fruit and Milk

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